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What Exactly is Hosting Reseller?

ResellersPanel, the free hosting reseller packages provider, offers an exclusive, in-house developed, point & click hosting CP with all its web hosting packages. This Control Panel, called Hepsia, can be used by everybody, regardless of their level of computer literacy.

With ResellersPanel, you can gain profit from home by selling hosting packages to customers from all over the globe through the company's web hosting reseller program, which does not entail any reseller down payments and fees. You have your very own personal web hosting company and its name will be shown inside all your customers' Control Panel tools.

The principal contrast between ResellersPanel's Reseller Hosting Program and most of the other hosting reseller programs available on the web, is that you do not have to pay a single cent for the hosting services before you can begin reselling them.

You can sell an immense array of shared web hosting plans, VPS hosting and dedicated hosting servers; you can offer a selection of 4 data center facilities, additional features such as digital certificates, as well as the Managed Services package - with it, ResellersPanel takes care of server reboots, data backups, Operating System updates, and so on.

Don't forget that you obtain all this without any registration fees and reseller deposits.

So, you can earn revenue from home and save cash on your current and yet-to-be-launched websites. Sign up with ResellersPanel right away!